Friday, August 23, 2013

Skin Graft "Switched Off"

Skin Graft "Switched Off" c10

Cleveland is home to many Harsh Noise powerhouses, all of whom bring violent variables to the infamous No-Coast sound. Wyatt Howland leaves little to the imagination with his stellar discography and beautifully bleak output, in turn making himself a huge figure within the American Harsh Noise scene. “Switched Off” is short c10 endeavor that channels ideas previously touched upon in earlier releases and enhances them all within short bursts...Side A in particular moves from movement to movement in a moments notice (before you can truly fall into the sound the track goes silent and another begins). It feels as if Howland continues to “switch-off” his sound only to restart at a different point with heightened intensity. Crunching low end makes an appearance during the B side during a “longer” output of sound between silences...the dynamics are suspenseful in turn making the entire tape a thriller-esque wet-dream. Blindly outstretching the listener fingers against cold cement walls, “Swtiched Off” is a haunting plummet into the belly of a nightmare with only the unknown to discover. As a whole, Skin Graft stays within the middle of the sonic spectrum without diving too deeply into the higher/lower registers of sound, but all-in-all the lack of spaced-out composition helps to keep this tape focused and clean.

Copies of this tape are sold out.

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