Friday, August 23, 2013

Developer + Water Torture "The Developer Remixes" c10

Developer + Water Torture  “The Developer Remixes”

Dayton Ohio’s master of cut-and-splice Harsh Noise, Developer, discovers a new sound-source for this c10...Buffalo, NY’s Powerviolence trio Water Torture. This being said, the mutilations held within hold little (to no) resemblance of the original pieces done by the group...instead they have been generated into a chaotic sound collage by the veteran hands of Matthew Reis. Bubbling rushes of static, occasional blast-beat bleeding, and layers-upon-layers of slice-and-dice mania, there is no breathing room for the duration of the tape. At times the sound circulates within the “typical” Developer style (stops-and-starts, stimulating waves of impenetrable mid/low range HN bliss), whereas other instances it has more of a Noisecore feel (side B in particular towards the 3/4th mark). The briefness of the tape feels tidy and complete, however it would have been great to hear more...using WT as the source of sound gives the recording a wholesome quality as Reis dismantles the group into malleable forms he can compose with. Truly an energetic listen and is by no means much different than other Developer works in terms of his signature breakneck approach to cut-up Harsh Noise, but the charm is heavy and thick. Cannot get enough!

Copies of this tape are available on the Factotum blog. 

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