Friday, August 23, 2013

Breaking the Will "Normalization"

Breaking the Will "Normalization" c20

Although this tape is nearly three years old, it is never too late to give credit where it is due. Being the (at the time) second release from the midwestern Harsh Noise project Breaking the Will, “Normalization” showcases an impressive sense of maturity and grown compositions. Dynamic and unfaltering junk mangling, the tape gnashes and splices seamlessly between sections of mid-range static grinding to low-end twisting. Feedback finds it’s way to bleed through the walls of metallic sound and often times helps to bind movements together. The use of climactic jittering and allowing the pieces to build to monumental heights before letting them truly “hit” is flawlessly executed...this release never gets tiresome. Each sound has it’s fair levels of space while maintaining relativity with the composition as a whole rather than allowing each frequency to blend into a bag of mush. Side B contains a personal favorite display of this spacing (around the 2/5th point the build-up reaches maximum altitude while a thin layer of bass-driven rumble slowly molds underneath until finally connecting and stealing the spotlight), and ultimately I feel this side is the strongest of the two. However, Side A is a stellar opening with a much heavier emphasis on a mid-range assault and a “faster pace”, in the end working hand-in-hand with the more dynamic flip-side.

Copies of “Normalization” are available on the New Forces blog. Highly recommended for metal-abuse/slice-and-dice HN addicts. 

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