Monday, September 10, 2012

Aerugo "Demo MMXII" CS

Aerugo "Demo MMXII"

Debut output from two-piece USBM outfit Aeurgo released via Sanctum Abyss Records. I had the pleasure of receiving pre-production tracks months prior to this release, and the progression that has is displayed on "Demo MMXII" is astounding. Horrifying guitar-textures bred with a blood-curdling vocal performance, buried underneath a low-fidelity mix that requires your utmost attention. USBM riffing with attitude, no transcendental garbage included. If the Doom-styled "Depths of Despondency" doesn't tickle the whites of your eyes, nothing will.

A raw exercise in unadulterated primality.


Although the digital is available, purchase the cassette here for a full experience. 


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Order of Nine Angels "Red Ritual" CS

Order of Nine Angels "Red Ritual" 

Three-tracks of ritualistic Black Ambient/Noise spanning over the course of sixteen minutes. "RR" features minimalist synthesized soundscapes, tender layers of occasional static, and black metal vocals to match. Hauntingly tranquil, highly recommended.

OO9A is the creation of Jason Wood (Grinning Deaths Head, Crooked Cross, etc.)


Note: This is a personal rip. Purchase the cassette here for a full experience. 

- EE