Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rosy Palms "Empty Vessel"

It upsets me deeply that I have been so busy/incredibly lazy, as I would love to keep this blog as active as possible. In effort to do so, I want to try and keep things posting links to new stuff, constructing basic write-ups, just spreading whatever I can in the most effective and time-efficient way possible. My mind is too cluttered and my writing style is too trained to "half-ass" anything, but I don't care anymore. If activity means poor-construction, so be it.

Anyways, back on topic.

Check out Rosy Palms EP, "Empty Vessel". Dark, hypnotic, evil Noise. Sample-filled, dry-to-the-touch, and completed with molasses-thick fuzz, it hits the spot on all fronts. Falling short of ten-minutes in length, you will find yourself pushing that "repeat" button very, very frequently. You have been warned.

Phenomenal stuff, download it here.

- EE