Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Water Torture "S/T" EP

Bass-and-Drum Powerviolence... what could possibly be more appetizing? If your answer to that question was "Nothing!", then Water Torture from Buffalo, New York, will satisfy that hunger.

Malicious, punishing, and destructive are all words that summarize the sound Water Torture display over the course of these nine tracks. From the down-tuned bass riffs to the blistering blasts, there is not a second of peace throughout this entire release. At one moment the duo will display their speed and precision, and the next everything will slow to a mammoths pace, devouring anything in sight. To "top it all off", the vocals are tormented, twisted, spiteful shouts that leave the hairs on the backs of necks standing straight, and beads of sweat trickling down even the most collected of faces.

No need to worry about "over-production", this output is incredibly raw, yet remains highly audible. At no point does one component overpower the others, rather, each piece of the puzzle interlock in all the right ways, at all of the right times.

 The verdict? Water Torture is a force to be recognized, so don't sleep on this. Wake the fuck up.

Check out the entire release here.
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- EE