Monday, September 26, 2011

Lento "Icon"

Crushing. Devastating. Haunting. Three words that can be used to accurately describe the second output by Lento, entitled "Icon". Bred in Italy, Lento release 10 tracks of spine-curling instrumental mysticism into the world with a passive, yet abrasive force. Songs crawl in-and-out of existence, leaving trails of mist in their wake. Organizing Sludge/Doom-style riffs with that of Post-Rock, nothing is conventional, nothing is predictable, but everything flows gently from one-to-another without a single snarl. 

Heavily relying on the eerie-production to give it the desired atmosphere, Lento mold songs into malevolent, yet beautiful landscapes. Twisting and turning from moments of Drone-esque monotony, to dazzling displays of reverb-filled soundscapes, it seems that no boundaries had been set on this release, and it works. 

Words cannot completely describe what a masterpiece this truly is, as it speaks for itself. It remains soothing even at a peak, and continues to destroy even when all is calm. Falling into this record is a mesmerizing experience. Anyone with an interest in traveling to a new place beyond the realm of reality, check this out. 

Enjoy the album here.
Purchase the album here.

- EE